These are some of the comments our workshop and session attendees have provided after attending our sessions:

'An engaging session to remind me about who I am and what I want to be perceived as in the world' - Carnival Cruises attendee

'Great facilitator! Thank you' - Carnival Cruises attendee

'Alicia provided a thorough training program in an interesting and highly interactive manner.  A lot of material was covered in such a short time, however, all remained engaged.  A dynamic learning environment was achieved and maintained throughout.'
Marisa - Senior Manager

'I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training and I am amazed at how much I learnt.  Watching you train was like attending a training masterclass.  We all agree that there was no training dilemma that we proposed that you did not have a fantastic response for. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge and skills.'

'Alicia was fantabulous!'

'The training and assessment course was great.  I learnt so much.  Alicia is an informative and enthusiastic instructor - very encouraging and motivating.'

'First congratulations Alicia - you are a very effective and approachable trainer.  You managed to condense and deliver this training in a very efficient way.  You have been very affirming yet honest with things we could improve.  I really liked the energy, professionalism and humour.  Thank you for sharing your experience.'

'The five day intensive course has been fast-paced, well-structured, entertaining and educational.  Alicia has been a fabulous and well experienced Trainer.  Would highly recommend the course to others.'

'It was good to have the space to reflect on training.  I think it will have a positive impact on my presentation skills.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve now.'

'It as a pleasant session - not too heavy, which was perfect for the afternoon - and I got a lot out of it!' - Samantha

'Thank you for today. It was a very insightful day with lots of good points and great communication' - Carnival Cruises attendee

Mark works in the building industry and recently completed Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Ellie explains how she will use what she learned on the course when she returns to the workplace

Carrie and Marta both work in the health industry and recently completed training with Alicia, our Director

'Great presentation with great ideas and helpful tips on how to create your Personal Brand. Very inspiring and educational' - Carnival Cruises attendee

'Loved it! A short session and to the point, without any material to take and look at once without filing forever away' - Carnival Cruises attendee

'Today's session was very interesting and informative. It certainly has given me a few things to think about and I've met some new colleagues'

'Thank you! Great session on how in a short time, people can reflect on themselves and come out with a more realistic view on how they can move forward. Loved it!' - Simon

'Surprisingly informative' - anonymous attendee