Change and Project Management Recruitment Specialists

The Centre for Change and Project Management specialises in the recruitment of Change and Project Management.  

We have a large database of highly skilled, qualified and dedicated professionals that are available for short or long term assignments - one day per week or five days per week.

CCPM is able to source the best talent for your organisation - whether you need a Senior Change Manager, Change Manager, Change Analyst, Training Manager, Senior Project Manager or Project Manager - we can help!



How we do Recruitment

We understand the process of talent acquisition.  We can work with you to onboard contractors and provide ongoing support to you and to the contractor working with you.  

Our contractors are not just recruited to fill a gap, but rather to become an extension of your own team.  We choose people that fit into your culture - we provide ongoing training in the latest Frameworks and Methodologies so that the contractor working with you is driven, has a high skill set and works well with your team.

We understand the selection and recruitment process from start to finish and can help you to recruit permanent or contract staff.

If you prefer to put on a permanent staff member, we can help with that - and we even offer a FIXED FEE RECRUITMENT option where you will never pay a percentage of the salary of the candidate, but instead, one flat fee of only $1,995 plus GST.