The Centre for Change & Project Management offers an entire series of professional development workshops that you can attend in your lunch break.

60 minutes of pure gems for professionals that want to maximise the use of their time while gaining new knowledge that will contribute to their professional development.

All Brown Bag PD@Lunch workshops are held in-house - organise a working lunch as part of a team building activity



All of the PD@Lunch sessions are available as either half day workshops or as introductory sessions delivered as part of our Brown Bag PD@Lunch Sessions.  Available topics include:

  • Cranky Cards: Our most popular Brown Bag PD@Lunch session!  This simple and incredibly easy to implement technique will encourage staff to be honest and open about their emotions during a change initiative. Click here for more information 
  • DARE to get out of BED: Learn how one simple strategy can dramatically improve organisational culture. Click here for more information 
  • Emotional Transition Curve: Understanding the phases of change and how affected users are impacted. This session shows you how to implement a common terminology throughout the organisation to ensure all staff are supported during change initiatives. Great for using during team meetings to get stakeholder engagement
  • 7 Miles: It takes the average person two hours to walk seven miles. That's a lot of ground to cover in a very short amount of time. This highly effective technique will increase the accuracy of Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Maps and Personas, proving your change team with real information and data that will help drive the success of a change initiative
  • 1:21 - a 21 Day Challenge: 21 days to improve company culture. A successful and instantly effective way to change mindsets, increase motivation, encourage positivity and provide staff with a renewed energy and interest in their work and the organisation they work for
  • Impostor Syndrome: Have you ever felt like a fraud? As though you might one day get caught out? Or that your career has been a series of 'lucky breaks'? You are probably not alone! Click here for more information
  • From Sensitive Conversations to Empowering Conversations: learn how to have conversations where everyone wins, every time. Deal effectively with high emotions, encourage honesty and feedback and provide staff with the tools they need to have positive and empowering conversations to create a positive team dynamic 
  • Managing Resistant Learners: creating a cohesive learning environment and managing learners that are resistant to attending training. Ideal for staff involved in rolling out training throughout the organisation

Each PD@Lunch session is only $695 plus GST, with no limit on the number of participants

All attendees receive a PDF Certificate of Attendance to include in their professional development portfolio

Interested in finding out more?  Contact us now on 1300 044 140 for more information