Alicia Vaughan

Change Management, Training and Presentation Skills, Leadership Training, Capability Development

Alicia is the Founder and Director of Centre for Change & Project Management. Her work motto is 'Inspiring positive change through innovation in learning' and she is passionate about delivering workshops that create positive company culture and focus on motivating and encouraging  the most important asset of all - staff. She has worked extensively with clients from both the private and public sector, with experience in Retail, Tourism, Health, Education, Security and Telecommunications industries.

It is proven that participants get more out of training sessions that are innovative, dynamic, interesting, enlightening and engaging, and Alicia has a knack for creating all of that in each and every session she delivers. She has the energy and enthusiasm to keep audiences engaged, with the odd bit of humour thrown in for good measure.  

She specialises in designing and delivering workshops, courses and training programs for Change, Training and Project Professionals, and strongly believes in the encouragement of people development, building trust and empowering staff during change programs. She has trained over 900 participants in Certificate IV Training and Assessment, and over 400 people in Management, Change and Leadership.  Alicia has also written 6 books, designed over 30 workshops, written over 50 workbooks and units of competency modules, and is author of =Change Practitioner Program.

Ivan Cunningham

Sales Training, Everything DISC, Marketing and Advertising

Director and Lead Trainer of The Training Network, Ivan specialises in sales training with a strong focus on Everything Disc.  He has over 25 years of experience in the publishing and retail industries (motoring, restaurant, food, soft furnishings and flooring). He is an experienced, proven sales professional and manager. Ivan has consulted extensively for a range of clients - from niche small business operators right through to large multinational companies. As an entrepreneur that has owned several successful coaching and retail businesses, he has an innate ability to adapt to his required audience using real life experiences to capture audience attention. 

Academic qualifications in Communication Management, In-house Corporate Management Training and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment have taught Ivan how to achieve success through the training he delivers today. He is inspirational and committed to results, displaying strong leadership and negotiation methodologies in his practices. His high energy level is always evident to those with whom he has commercial dealings. 

Russel Skilleter

Safety and Risk Management, Safety Training, Systems Development, Auditing, Contractor Safety Management

Russel is Director of and has extensive and broad experience with over 30 years in safety and risk management. He has worked with government and semi-government organisations throughout Australia, NZ and South East Asia.  

He is passionate and enthusiastic, aiming to provide pragmatic solutions to issues while fully appreciating the strategic goals and directives of the business.  

Russel believes that the management of safety and risk is a vital measure of organisations success and as result, the importance of sharing learnings across all organisations.

He specialises in mindful leadership, corporate governance, safety and risk management systems development, implementation, training and auditing, contractor safety management and pragmatic approaches to industry issues.