Does your organisation recognise the importance of CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory in some industries - particularly those that change rapidly and where currency of knowledge is important.

There are a number of benefits for staff that are involved in maintaining professional development, and some of these include:

  • Enhancement of knowledge
  • Keep up to date with standards within your industry
  • Maintain up to date knowledge
  • Career advancement
  • Remain interested and be interesting
  • Increase confidence

Does your organisation have its own Internal CPD Program?  

Centre for Change & Project Management can work with you to create a successful, interesting, comprehensive and appropriate CPD Program for your staff, in as little as three days.  We work with you to create a comprehensive Internal CPD Program that will increase company morale, change organisational culture and become a catalyst for your organisation to encourage staff to feel valued and appreciated.

We consult directly with your key stakeholders and work with them to:

  • Design the ideal CPD Program for your organisation
  • Create relevant and detailed documentation including Impact Assessments, Change Strategies and Business Readiness documents to roll out the program as smoothly as possible 
  • Run information sessions that raise awareness within the organisation of the new sessions
  • Create new and interesting ways of communicating the CPD Program to all staff
  • Roll out the CPD Program
  • We can also provide content such as workbooks, session plans and outlines to get your CPD Program started and underway

How it works:

Step 1: We meet with the key stakeholders to determine:

  • Program objectives
  • Number of people that will be involved in the Internal CPD Program
  • Expectations of resistance and how to best manage this
  • Methods to communicate with all staff about the Internal CPD Program
  • Timeframes for roll out
  • On-boarding the team and those that are advocates for the program 

Step 2: We run short 'Collaboration Hub' sessions and work with the major players and those advocating the program and create 'the ideal CPD Program' for your organisation

Step 3: We work with the change team to ensure the roll out of the initiative will be managed in a successful way, incorporating all requirements from a change perspective

Step 4: We run information sessions for all staff (including organising webinars, face to face sessions, newsletters and other mediums to communicate the new new program) to ensure benefits and awareness of the program are highlighted. We can either act as facilitators for the information sessions or brief your key team members to be able to run these information sessions themselves

Step 5: We work with you to oversee the roll out of the program and to ensure it runs smoothly and is well received by all members of the organisation 

Step 6: We follow up in approximately 6 months and check that the program is running as was expected

Ongoing Support: We are always available if you need advice, have comments or concerns about the program or if there is anything you need to discuss after the roll out

This entire process usually takes only three - four full days over approximately 4 - 6 weeks depending on the size of your organisation and the requirements of your Internal CPD Program

OPTIONAL: We have over 30 workbooks, session plans and outlines that you can purchase to use as part of your new Internal CPD Program. As most organisations already have a lot of material at their disposal, this means you can potentially create a very successful and well-stocked Internal CPD Program instantly.

We can also run some in-house sessions that can be booked up to 6 months in advance, to ensure your CPD Program is varied, interesting and caters to a broad range of participants.

To find out more about how the Centre for Change & Project Management can help create your ideal Internal CPD Program, please feel free to contact us on 1300 044 140 or by using the contact form below

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