Impostor Syndrome

If you have ever felt like a fraud, or as though you may one day get 'caught out', you are probably not alone.  Many people suffer from the 'Impostor Syndrome, including celebrities, but very few will openly admit it.  Find out more about this 'phenomenon' and how it may be impacting your career and your personal life.  This session focuses on:

  • How the 'Impostor Syndrome' works
  • How the 'Impostor Syndrome' may actually benefit you
  • What others see when they see YOU
  • Behavioural effects of the syndrome in the workplace
  • What you can do to stop it impacting you negatively

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance in PDF to add to their professional development portfolio

Brown Bag PD@Lunch session (lunch and learn) is only $699 plus GST for an unlimited number of participants. 

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