Between 50% and 75% of Change Management Programs fail

Our job is to help your change initiative become one of the 25% - 50% that are successful

We work with organisations that are undergoing change to increase drive, enthusiasm, interest, support and buy-in

Driving successful Change Management involves a dedication from senior management along with those responsible for the roll out of the change - including Change, Project and Training teams to work closely with those affected by the change

We work with your organisation in any of the following capacities:

  • Acting as a Consultant during times of change to help transition and roll out changes
  • Implementing an Internal CPD Program to value, encourage and develop staff
  • Assisting with the rollout of change initiatives
  • Working with companies that are undergoing restructure, change or cultural shift
  • Implementation of  =Change, our own Change Framework and Methodology.  The Framework offers an approach to Organisational Change Management that is flexible, simple and adaptable, while providing the structure of a Methodology that supports the organisation, employees and Leaders through the transition


We have successfully worked with a number of organisations from a vast range of industries and have worked effectively with complex groups of staff and as a result have secured repeat business with many clients. 

Clients include:

  • Glue Store
  • Carnival Cruises Australia
  • Northern Beaches Community College
  • Ministry of Health
  • NSW Health
  • NSW Refugee Health Service
  • Education Centre Against Violence
  • Chubb Security (now Prosegur)
  • Intercept Security
  • Freyssinet


The Centre for Change & Project Management utilises a range of tools, strategies and processes to encourage engagement and drive from Leaders, Stakeholders and those affected by the change.  

We aim to establish a positive organisational culture as a result of the change implementation.

Our team of Organisational Change Management Consultants can help you during your next change initiative.  

Each one of our Consultants has experience working on a range of change programs, including:

  • Implementation of company-wide training initiatives
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Office relocations
  • Organisational restructure
  • Cultural change
  • Team building
  • Introduction of medium to large scale business and IT systems

The Centre for Change & Project Management is highly regarded for the experience we have in helping organisations to overcome the barriers to successful change initiatives.

We focus on using new and innovative ways of transforming company culture, with a strong emphasis on the human aspects of change management, increasing the chance of success of a change program or changes within organisaitons

Whether you need someone on a short term or long term basis, 1 day per week, per fortnight or even per month or you may even need someone to work with you 5 days a week, we can help.

Our Consultants are amazing, specialised people with strong skills that will be an absolute asset to your organisation.


Centre for Change & Project Management is different to other agencies.  We provide a personal and supportive service that encourages sharing ideas, tools, templates and resources with our consultants.  Our Director of Change oversees every engagement.

Our Consultants never feel as though they are working on their own, we provide a strong on-boarding solution and ensure we match the right consultant to the right role.

If you are a Change Manager, Project Manager or Training Professional and pride yourself on a strong work ethic, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to get in touch today by using the contact form below or calling 1300 044 140 and registering your details - someone will get back to you very soon with further information on how you can join our wonderful team

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