Between 50% and 75% of Change Management Programs fail - mostly because the Change and Project Teams did not work strongly together, and mostly because the program was not managed with employees, systems and processes in mind

Our job is to help your change initiative become one of the 25% - 50% that are successful

The Centre for Change & Project Management can work with you to implement a Change Management Framework and Methodology that will drive the success of your next change initiative.  In as little as 10 days, we can have your entire change and project team up and running with full licence for your organisation to rollout the =Change Framework and Methodology to your entire organisation.


In order for a Change Management program to be successful, employees must have an awareness, interest, desire and knowledge of the change initiative, helping to drive future outcomes.  

Change Management programs that are successful have more cooperation from all teams, including Change and Project Teams.

As a result of years of research, we have developed =Change, our own Change Framework and Methodology.  The Framework offers an approach to Organisational Change Management that is flexible, simple and adaptable, while providing the structure of a Methodology that supports the organisation, employees and Leaders through the transition.  

This in turn creates a successful journey from the current way of doing things to the ideal future state.

Our Consultants have worked with various clients, including:

  • Glue Store
  • Carnival Cruises Australia
  • Ministry of Health
  • NSW Health
  • NSW Refugee Health Service
  • Education Centre Against Violence
  • Chubb Security (now Prosegur)
  • Intercept Security


How we can help

The Centre for Change & Project Management utilises a range of tools, strategies and processes to encourage engagement and drive from Leaders, Stakeholders and those affected by the change.  

We aim to establish a positive organisational culture as a result of the change implementation.

Our team of Organisational Change Management Consultants can help you during your next change initiative.  Each one of our Consultants has experience working on a range of change programs, including:

  • Implementation of company-wide training initiatives
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Office relocations
  • Organisational restructure
  • Cultural change
  • Team building
  • Introduction of medium to large scale business and IT systems

The Centre for Change & Project Management is highly regarded for the experience we have in helping organisations to overcome the barriers to successful change initiatives.

To find out more about how the Centre for Change & Project Management can help with your Change Management Consulting needs, please feel free to contact us on 1300 044 140 or by using the contact form below

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