Change-in-a-Box Survival Toolkit

Everything you need to successfully run a change initiative.  Change-in-a-Box Toolkit offers tools, posters, games, workbooks and lots more to help anyone working on a change program to further engage stakeholders.

Workbooks can be reprinted as often as necessary and used over and over again - no need to purchase licences!  We add your logo to each of the workbooks.  Templates are provided in Word format so you can make changes depending on your needs.  

The complete kit contains the following valuable artefacts, resources, tools and templates:

  • On-board Change Agents - a PDF version of the workbook (with your logo) and complete session plan that provides content and information so that the on-boarding sessions can be run by anyone from the change team
  • 'How Change Affects Me' - a self paced workbook that can be reprinted and provided to all staff undergoing change to help them manage emotions and better understand how the change is affecting them
  • '7 Miles' - PDF workbook with your logo and complete instructions on how to run the '7 Miles' program to help increase understanding of affected users by change and project teams
  • 'Emotional Transition Curve' - A3 laminated poster with complete instructions on how to maximise use to get stakeholder engagement
  • Change Management Cards - A5 card set with instructions.  Help encourage honest feedback from those affected by the change in a non-threatening way
  • Sponsor Cards - A5 card set with instructions.  Encourage interaction with Sponsors during the change 
  • Change Agent Cards - A5 card set with instructions.  Assist Change Agents to be aware of their role in the change
  • Sponsor / Change Agent and Change Manager Agreements with instructions
  • Templates for Change Strategy, Impact Assessment, Comms Plan, Training Strategy, Business Readiness etc provided in Word format so you can change the templates to suit your own needs
  • '21 day Challenge' - complete instructions to successfully run a 21 Day Challenge to encourage a positive culture during the change
  • Build the Change Team - instructions to build a strong change coalition that will encourage ownership and accountability from each member of the change team

All this for only $495 plus GST.  Orders shipped within 3 business days of order.  Contact us now for more information by calling 1300 044 140 or filling out the form below.

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