7 Miles

Are you a Change, Project or Training Professional working on a change initiative? Have you considered what it is like for the people experiencing the change? As in really considered what they are going through?

Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Maps, Personas… all of these actually support the change initiative by providing information relevant to those directly affected by the change, so of course it is good practice to complete them as standard documentation within the overall change strategy. 

Spending time walking in the shoes of those affected by the change is the key to getting the most accurate information when determining how the change will impact users.

It takes the average person two hours to walk seven miles. That’s a lot of ground covered in just a small amount of time. Your change team can cover a lot of ground in just two hours - a small investment that will increase chance of success of a change initiative considerably.

Centre for Change & Project Management has created a complete roll out toolkit for our popular ‘7 Miles’ program. The toolkit provides all the information (including workbooks, checklists, instructions and outline) required so that the program can be rolled out within change teams to provide a real world, closer look at the emotions, interests and concerns of those affected by the change.

Our Brown Bag PD@Lunch session can show you and your team how easy it is to roll out ‘7 Miles’ so that Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Maps, Personas and other change documentation is highly accurate and better able to capture real data and information.

PD@Lunch - one hour, one price, unlimited participants. Time spent on professional development is time well spent!