P is for Project Manager

Yesterday we looked at some of the qualities that make a Trainer 'best in field' and today we will focus on what makes a Project Manager great at their job.

These are some of the skills we identified:


Project Managers need to make things happen. They can't just sit around waiting for results. Getting teams to work together, encouraging open communication and ensuring everyone is kept accountable are just a few of the tasks PM's need to focus on every day. 

Being proactive also means maintaining professional development and staying up to date with latest trends and changes in the industry.


Having said that, many organisations seem to have a lot of red tape around approvals, escalations and protocol relating to systems and processes. Perseverance is key to making sure things get done - and while there are times where the frustration of tasks being held up can get tiresome, being persistent in the face of it all is what makes an awesome PM stand out from the rest.

People Skills

Project Managers without doubt need to have an ability to build strong business relationships. They need to know who their stakeholders are, how to best engage them, when to communicate information to them and how much to communicate.


Many PM's will work on more than one project at a time. Time management is critical to their role and learning to successfully prioritise time and effort will maintain a high level of organisation. They need to keep a close eye on each of the priorities needed to get the right project across the line on time and on budget.

While this list is not exhaustive, it is a good starting point. What others can you think of?