2017 is the year of employee engagement - and the year of the Rooster

2017 is here. It just snuck up on us didn’t it? 2016 is already long gone and the sunrise that is 2017 is well upon us.

And this means that many organisations are currently looking at ways of improving employee satisfaction and engagement as part of their new year strategy.

Over the past few years engagement / satisfaction and company culture has been an area of focus due to surveys and alarming statistics being shared that indicate a large number of professionals are not fully engaged in their work, are not satisfied or generally unhappy at work, and feel a general lack of loyalty to their employer.

Here are a few ways in which your organisation can gain stronger commitment to reaching higher levels of employee and team engagement:

Show them you care

Find out what employees need and offer that training. Too many organisations put together a ‘blanket’ approach to training and list a number of courses and workshops they think will appeal, but as they haven’t done their research or a proper analysis, the topics aren’t interesting enough to gain momentum. For this reason it is absolutely imperative to ask questions, do a training needs analysis, and find the right topics for the right people.

Find the right topics for the right people 

I’ve worked with companies that put together a professional development plan for the year yet when employees request to attend certain training days, their Managers don’t approve the training. Training then gets cancelled due what is perceived to be ‘lack of interest’ on the part of potential participants. Managers should be encouraged to allow staff to attend training, as this will ultimately be beneficial for everyone in the long run.

Encourage management to allow staff to attend training 

Put Professional Development on the Strategic Table

Employee engagement needs thoughtful planning and should be approached in the same manner as most business objectives are – strategically and by gaining support from the top down and across the entire organisation. It doesn't happen by ‘sheer luck’ and won’t work if companies are showing half-hearted attempts or just putting ideas on paper to ‘pass audit’ or ‘meet the criteria’ to appear to be investing in staff development.

When all else fails

Call the experts! If your organisation is in a bit of a slump, or if you would like to increase employee engagement or change company culture, Centre for Change & Project Management can help to inject new energy into your organisation. We deliver comprehensive, interesting and interactive half day or one day workshops, or for those very busy professionals, we also offer one hour gems (affectionately known as our Brown Bag PD@Lunch sessions). Reach out today to find out more! 

PS - Happy year of the Rooster...