Rule One of Training - Be prepared for anything to go wrong. Because it will. Honest.

One of the golden rules of training that any Trainer should live by is…  Be prepared for anything to go wrong, because it will.  Honest.

Because… anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and does go wrong.  Guaranteed.

Experienced Trainers understand that it is rare for an entire session to run ‘without a hitch’.  Things that can go wrong vary from small and minor issues that are unlikely to be noticed, to more obvious issues that can impact on a training session in such a way that causes disruption and may even create negative feelings among the group.

If a Trainer handles the situation well, learners may not even notice that something has gone wrong.  And of course there will be times when it is impossible to hide something going wrong, but the way the Trainer reacts to that will also play a big part in the training running smoothly regardless.

Trainers should always have a back up plan, just in case* something goes wrong (which it inevitably will at some stage!)

You will notice the term ‘just in case’ used in italics throughout this Chapter.  That is because everything goes back to Rule One.  Something will almost always go wrong, so you should have a back up ready to go, just in case!

Taken from "Read this book if you want to become an AWESOME Trainer" by Alicia Vaughan