How to build an internal Professional Development Program

Many companies are now understanding the importance of professional development programs and the crucial role they play in creating a positive organisational culture, driving employee satisfaction and encouraging and motivating staff.

Here are some tips for creating a great program that is sure to enhance your working environment:

  1. Have a competition to determine a name for the program. Getting staff involved right from the onset increases buy-in and support
  2. Set the number of CPD Points each staff member should be attaining over the year based on their job role / level of seniority
  3. Add the CPD Point requirement as part of their performance expectations
  4. Ask for input from staff and leaders regarding topics of interest, or put out a suggested brochure and gauge level of interest
  5. Determine which sessions can be delivered by an internal member of staff and which ones will require external consultants to become involved
  6. Put together a schedule for programs to be delivered during the year.  Include short workshops (i.e. Brown Bag sessions) and longer programs, face to face options, online options etc to offer a variety of sessions  
  7. Watch your staff get involved and most of all, make sure they see the workshops as fun, interactive, interesting and worth the investment of their time!

**Centre for Change & Project Management specialises in delivering in-house professional development workshops (with one hour sessions only $695 for unlimited participants and half day sessions at only $1,995 for up to 20 participants, this is a very cost effective way of increasing culture, morale and employee satisfaction).

We can also consult with you to implement a very successful internal CPD Program by providing you with structure, content, Train the Trainer workbooks, and all the material you need to be able to roll out your own program. 

We work with you by conducting thorough research, training needs analysis, working with teams and providing extensive support and guidance to those that will be managing the internal CPD Program.  Contact us now for a confidential discussion about how an internal CPD Program could help change your company culture in a positive way for 2017.