Rule Two of Training - Get creative

Creativity when designing a training session is equally important as creativity during the delivery of a training session.  

Designing a training session can be time consuming and tedious.  When asked how long it takes to design a session, the answer is usually in line with “how long is a piece of string?”  

It can vary from person to person and depending on the topic and what information is currently available.

If you have all the training material ready for the program and you are just writing a one-day session plan and working out the logistics and details this can take anywhere from 3 – 10 hours or more*.

If on the other hand you need to develop the training material, write the session plans, write a training and assessment strategy, develop assessment tools and instruments and write the mapping documents, you are likely to be looking at 40 – 60 hours worth of work for a one day session.

Using creativity in the design process means the flow-on effect of encouraging creativity within the actual session is a simple transition.

‘Get creative’ simply means using unusual methods to impart knowledge such as through the use of practical demonstrations, using humour, getting participants moving around a bit, using colour and creative content and lots of other ideas that can engage and motivate learners.  

Focus on getting really creative and appealing to each of the Adult Learning Styles to ensure you gain lots of interaction and engagement from your participants.

Taken from "Read this book if you want to become an AWESOME Trainer" by Alicia Vaughan.