Become a RockStar!

I love my career

I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people – many of them keen to become the best they can be, others terrified of speaking in front of groups (by the time I’ve worked with the terrified ones, they usually need to be told to wind up a number of times by the end of the course – they usually won’t stop talking!)  

Having worked with a number of people who felt this way, I realised that a lot of theory is covered in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, but the other skills, the ones that help make the essence of ‘who’ a Trainer is, aren’t always covered.

And so an eBook was born.  I use various methods in my training, one in particular is to point out what I am doing ‘behind the scenes’.  I find that by actively pointing out strategies, it helps to cement the foundation and knowledge I am passing on to the learners.

I believe that the soft skills to become a Roc2Star don’t just happen – it can take some time, trial and error to become an inspiring and motivational Trainer or Presenter. 

The eBook is a culmination of the result of years of research into just that, and in it I share with you some hints and strategies to help you to become the most inspiring, motivating and exceptional Trainer or Presenter you can be.  

My dream is to help Trainers and Presenters to become more self-aware and to recognise exactly how much impact their actions, words and behaviour can have on their learners and participants.   

If you have attended one of my Certificate IV in Training Assessment courses - the 14 week ones, then you’ll already know about my two absolute favourite days in the course.

They are:

1) the very first day, and
2) the very last day of the course  

And the reasons why:

On the first day I ask the participants to look around at each other and notice the worried looks on the faces of their new classmates.  Some of them actually look like deer staring into headlights, they just don’t know what to expect and what is ahead of them on this exciting and somewhat worrying journey.  

And on the last day, I remind them what they looked like on the first day and to look around and see the difference.  14 weeks makes a lot of difference!

I thrive in seeing the changes in them, their confidence levels absolutely soar.  They are now a tight community – one that has supported each other, learnt a heap of new skills and they certainly are nothing like the scared and worried people they appeared to be on that very first day.

And the one day ‘Become a (bigger) Roc2Star’ workshop is simply my way of putting together all the soft skills I teach throughout the TAE course.  Note that this workshop is now part of the Innovative Training System which covers all aspects covered in this book and more.

This eBook is simply a brief summary of what I teach in the ‘Become a (bigger) Roc2Star’ workshop.  I hope that this eBook reaches you so that you gain the confidence you need to Become an absolute Star.

So here is my challenge to you: look beyond the ‘subject matter expert’ that you already are, and focus on the soft skills you need to understand the key drivers of participant engagement and motivation.

Happy training!


Excerpt taken from 'Become a (bigger) Roc2Star' by Alicia Vaughan