Some people have a Mentor. Others attend workshops

Let's face it. The truth is that most people that have gotten ahead in the business world have done so with the help of a mentor, business coach, accountability buddy or possibly even a supportive friend or relative. 

Whether through a gentle nudge, a forceful push or just because the other party was simply acting as someone to be accountable to, these people can sometimes provide the small boost of confidence needed to move forward (i.e. applying for a better job, asking for a promotion or pay rise, changing careers or taking that leap of faith and quitting work to start an empire).

While I am a huge advocate of mentors, coaches and accountability buddies, what I also know is that professional development is sometimes forgotten when it comes to giving credit to 'what inspired me to... [fill in the blank here]'.

Professional Development workshops, sessions or seminars all have the following advantages:

  • As most organisations offer sessions that vary in length, you can always find a session that suits the time you have available
  • You have the opportunity to meet other people that have similar professional development goals (otherwise they would not be attending the same session)
  • Prices for PD sessions vary so you can always find something to suit your budget (some are even free)
  • Most organisations provide a Certificate of Attendance so you can add this to your portfolio and in some cases use the attendance as credit towards continuing education
  • The facilitator is often an expert in their field, and most of them genuinely love what they do. It's these experts that are happy for you to continue to contact them for advice and assistance long after the workshop has ended
  • An experienced facilitator will ensure you benefit from the collective wisdom of the other attendees by encouraging open discussions, highly engaging, practical and relevant activities and will provide case studies that can be applied directly to the topic
  • Attending a PD workshop can give you insight, an 'ah-ha!' moment or just that little bit of confidence to know you're on the right track or even provide that push to guide you in the right direction