Internal CPD Points - let's embrace this!

If you are a Real Estate Agent, a Doctor, a Nurse, a Dentist, an Accountant, a Builder, or from any other number of professions that require maintaining your currency and knowledge, you would be very familiar with the terms CPD (Continuing Professional Development), CEC (Continuing Educational Credits) or CPE (Continuing Professional Education) points.

For the professions mentioned above, getting these points is mandatory every year. The reason for this is that these industries change rapidly and as a result, the expectation is that you will maintain your professional development to stay current, up to date and be aware of the latest trends in the industry you work in.

I have always been a huge advocate of maintaining professional development (and I'm sure those of you that have had bad experiences with attending workshops or training sessions will want to throw eggs at me after making such a bold comment). 

My support for PD is probably as a result of my career as a training professional (I always think of attending training as a bit of a holiday because someone else is doing the work) and also because I can see so much relevance in attending PD workshops - you learn new things, meet other professionals from similar industries, make new contacts etc, and of course, let's address the elephant in the room - because if I am not supporting my own industry, who will?

And having said that, I also completely understand that people get busy, they run out of time, that taking time out to attend training can create an even bigger backlog of work than they originally had. I get it. Seriously I do (that's why I created Brown Bag PD@Lunch sessions - to impart as much transfer of knowledge in as little time as it takes to have lunch). 

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is, that a lot of training is a waste of time, and that's precisely the reason why people do not see value in professional development workshops, sessions or courses. 

If a proper Training Needs Analysis is not completed before the training is rolled out, or if companies are spending money on training just 'to meet the budget' then it is not always roses, puppy dogs and rainbows.

I want to assure the readers out there that some training is very worth attending. Some training will change your life. Some training will make you want to stay, long after the training itself has finished. 

And that is the training that all organisations should be aiming to run - training that will challenge their staff, change mindsets, increase productivity and create a positive organisational culture - training that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

So I'm challenging ALL progressive organisations out there - those that want to make a difference, those that want to stand out from their competitors - create your own INTERNAL CPD PROGRAM. 

Decide what it is and how it will work (as an example - staff must accrue 15 CPD points per year - attendance at an in-house workshop will be worth 3 CPD points). 

Create an Internal CPD Program and watch your culture change in 2017. Watch your staff be challenged and watch them grow. Watch your company outperform your competitors - and most of all, enjoy watching the satisfaction on the faces of your employees as they recognise how valued and appreciated they are...

Pssst - guess what? 

Centre for Change & Project Management can work with your organisation to help you roll out the coolest, grooviest, most amazing CPD Program you've ever imagined. Seriously. It's what we do and because we love doing it, we are pretty good at it. So if you're keen on getting your company really up to scratch in the new year, if you want to see significant changes to your organisational culture and the way your staff think and interact with each other and with your customers, contact us and see how we can help you in achieve this in 2017.