DARE to get out of BED

Change. Ugh. Truth is, it's probably one of those words we don't really think about too much, until it relates to something that will affect us. Then it has meaning. Sometimes good. Usually our immediate reaction is that it is not so good.

During times of change, it is crucial that project teams, change teams and the training department work cohesively together to maximise the chance of success of the change initiative because let's face it, when an organisation is experiencing change, it can be easy for some staff to fall into a pattern of concern and negativity.

There is good news. Companies are undergoing change now more than they ever have, and as a result of this, dedicated Change Teams have often been set up to work with affected users. Many organisations understand the importance of regular communication, training, encouragement and professional development to combat anxiety and keep stakeholders engaged during change initiatives.

One example of how healthy organisational culture can be maintained is to use the DARE to get out of BED Model - simple yet extremely effective, it can be implemented throughout the organisation to encourage staff to take responsibility and accountability for their actions and decisions, which is especially useful during times of uncertainty.

The visual acronym motivates staff to use consistent terminology and focuses on the positive aspects of behaviours that can be easily rewarded and used to encourage to keep people on track and supportive of the change.

The benefits of using a simple model means that it can be used during team meetings quickly while still maintaining maximum impact, in newsletters, as part of regular updates and can easily be implemented as part of the overall organisational culture.

We encourage organisations to use the DARE to get out of BED model as it focuses on taking ownership of behaviour with a personal focus on the actions of staff, while rewarding those that begin to show signs of acceptance and adoption.