1:21 Day Challenge

I'm about to embark on a journey and it would be awesome if you were to join me. It's only going to take a few minutes a day for the next 21 days. And apparently it will change my life. Sounds simple, right? That's because it is.

21 days is how long it takes to create a new habit, or so they tell me. While there is little point in me sharing all the specific details of my own personal 1:21 Day Challenge, I am happy to share some of the items I'll be participating in over the next 21 days:

  • I'll be actively looking for things to be grateful for
  • I'll stop and pat a dog every chance I get (You know when you walk past a dog waiting patiently outside a shop for its owner and you semi-consider patting it? Well, I'm going to do it every single time I see a dog - achievement unlocked!)
  • Sing at the top of my lungs to 'Can't Stop the Feeling' by Justin Timberlake
  • Dance like crazy to 'Can't Stop the Feeling' by Justin Timberlake (hey, it's such a top song - try it!)
  • Read a PD article every day for 21 days

These and other challenges I set for myself over the next 21 days are going to motivate and encourage me to be more positive and happy. 

My challenge to you right now is to set your own 21 day journey that will change your life! Find specific things to add to your list that motivate and inspire you, that challenge you and stretch you, that encourage you to be the best version of you that you know how to be.

So how exactly can the 1:21 Day Challenge be applied to a change initiative? 

When staff are undergoing a change initiative at work, it can be easy for them to fall into negative mindsets, worry and concern. This is usually the case during an initiative or a project that has not been communicated effectively or has not been rolled out using a human-centred approach.

If you want to change anything within an organisation, you'll need to balance it by including a program that encourages positive thoughts, actions and behaviours. 

The 1:21 Day Challenge does just that. And the best thing about it is that it is actually tailored to each organisation and their individual needs.

Have you considered doing something like this within your organisation? You could put together a strong change coalition to create a specific challenge based on your existing culture, current mindsets and target audience. I highly recommend it - you'll see the difference it makes to your next change initiative - guaranteed!


** I genuinely believe that during a change program it is super important to focus on organisational culture and how to ensure it remains positive. For this reason I wanted to share the love, and created a one-hour Brown Bag session (with no limit to the number of people that can attend) that encourages project and change teams to roll out an organisation-wide 1:21 Day Challenge to encourage a higher level of success of a change initiative. The session includes tip, hints and strategies that can be used to roll out a challenge that will be effective within teams and really make a difference to company culture